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"I'm Izaya Orihara, information broker in Shinjuku. You might have heard this name before... Well, let's say I'm different from the others.
Oh, and there is one more thing to say:
I love you~

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Some days start horrible - other days as well…

Some days start horrible - other days as well…



Now this made the usual calm raven angry. He could ask for their names and make them experience some ‘uncomfortable situations’ - but would that use anything?


"Keiko-chan, listen. There are actions and words that they will use to make you believe that… but - as hard as it may be - don’t let them poison your mind. There will be someone to tell you that they are wrong. That you are precious. And I will always be one to do that for you. Cause as soon as you start to believe them it’s hard to get out of those thoughts and doubts again." 

The raven could tell. How bad that I am not able to listen to my own advices…

Keiko’s gaze met the raven’s and she smiled a little, before hugging him tight “Im so glad i have you to talk to Iza chan….You always know what to say

"Well… at least for others I do. You can come to me any time." Gently his hand once ruffled through the girls hair. She was one of the persons he had met in his life he would never want to miss.

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"Yaayyy, I made you laugh!" >///w///< She squeaks.

He nodded as he carefully brought her hair back into order. "Seems like you did. Why did you think you would need to though?"

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DRRR - Love or Hate by Tenshi-no-Hikari

DRRR - In denial by Tenshi-no-Hikari

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Shizaya Alternates Click and Drag Game


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most dangerous guys in ikebukuro

you & me♥



"Ugh… that’s so typically me." How embarrassing. And of course you are asking me now what my question would have been if I could have been able to finish it last night.

Your eyes are questioning and as much as I love their warm tone I have to look aside now. The question I’m about to ask is not easy for me. For a moment I consider to shrug it off - pretending that I can’t remember what my question was. And the reason for that is fear of rejection. It wouldn’t change how I feel for you - no matter what your answer is - but I know that I couldn’t hide the disappointment. And if this would make you give in I would feel horrible.

But I don’t want to lie to you. If I would start to lie about something like that… My eyes are glancing back to yours. You always look so worried when I avert my eyes like that. No - I can’t lie to you and I don’t want to. I can feel how nervous I am and I’m sure that you can read that from the way I smile before I gather all my courage - asking you what I tried to ask yesterday.


"Uhm… I wanted to ask you— well, I-I mean you said it’s nice to wake up next to me a-and since you and I confessed to each other you spend a lot of time here - n-not that it would bother me!" I can feel the stupid blush creeping up my face again. ”I love it to have you around and when you… I mean - it must be exhausting to get here before you go home everyday. I can sleep better when… when I have my life-sized, warm and good smelling teddybear I can cuddle up to—” Oh god - did I just say this for real…? ”A-and I… I want t-to… well… I mean, you can say ‘no’ if you don’t want to. I just would… I would enjoy it when…” Squirming inwardly about that nervous stuttering I look at your face, taking a deep breath before I burst out:


"D-do you want to move in here with me?"

Confused, Shizuo glanced at his arm. Ah, that’s right. He had pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming; the situation seemed too good to be true. However, the slight pain in his arm confirmed that this was reality. With a bright smile on his face, the blond sat up and wrapped his arms around Izaya’s body, nodding into the crook of the informant’s neck. “Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I want to wake up to your pretty face everyday? I want to be here with you.”

At the moment, his mind was overwhelmed with joy. He stayed with his nose nuzzled against Izaya’s neck for a moment longer before Shizuo pulled away to look into those beautiful eyes. “Can I ask you something too, Izaya?” After a nod was given to him, Shizuo glanced away, the raven still seated in his lap. “I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while now but…”

A shaky breath escaped his lips after he reached for the nightstand beside the bed and carefully grabbed a small object. “I know this isn’t the usual way to do this but I can’t wait any longer.” Even though Shizuo was still very nervous, he handed the object to Izaya and fixed his gaze on the other’s eyes. “Will you marry me, Izaya?”

A small, simple ring was now lying in the informant’s hands; it was all Shizuo could afford and he had been saving up for months to buy it. He wasn’t sure if Izaya would like it or not but there was no going back now. Brown eyes stared into vermilion ones as the blond waited patiently, anticipating an answer - hopefully a yes - from the information broker, the love of his life.

"—!" I had been watching how your fingers reached for your arm - only to give a pinch to yourself but the next moment I find myself in your arms. The smile on your face that I was able to see before you nuzzled your face into my neck makes me already know your answer before your lips can speak the words that make me happy. 

Yes - Shizuo wants to live with me - Knowing this causes me to feel hyper. Gently my fingers are threading through your soft blonde locks and my heart is making turning a somersault. Chuckling because of the tickling sensation your breath leaves on the skin of my neck I nodd. "You can ask me anything, love~"

Curiously my eyes follow your movements as you grab a tiny something from the nightstand. Your hand is taking mine now, leaving the object you had taken in my hand. Looking at my hand that is holding the tiny something now I hold my breath.

A ring.



A ring… Why would he give me a ring? I can hear my heartbeat in my ears and I know that my blush is even making my eartips glowing. That means that… he is going to… It’s a simple silver ring - as simple as the ones that I’m always wearing on my pointing fingers. But aren’t the simple things the most meaningful things?


Unable to react other than searching for your eyes I look up to your face. And then I already hear the words. It feels like an eternity - or has the time stopped for real? - while I am looking into your hopeful eyes. M… marry? Me? Searching for a sign that you are kidding me I swallow nervously. I can’t find such a sign.

Looking down at the ring again I take your hand in a gentle manner, placing the ring onto your palm. My eyes are searching yours again before I lean closer to peck your lips, pulling away short after doing so. 


Holding out my left hand I’m waiting, my voice kind of shaking as I speak up again. "You need to put it on my finger, Shizuo."