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human love ♥
"I'm Izaya Orihara, information broker in Shinjuku. You might have heard this name before... Well, let's say I'm different from the others.
Oh, and there is one more thing to say:
I love you~♥"

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outoflove: offline for food

*whining* me hungry…


Five random things about yourself then pass it along to ten of your favourite/new followers.

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  1. Just finished all routes of DRAMAtical Murder
  2. I’m allergic to honey
  3. I have a guitar and a violin
  4. When I’m bored you either hear me say ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I’m hungry’
  5. My phone is purple - I like purple

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【腐向け】デュラ+αLog | 坂本@ついった

XD I’m sure it’s wonderful~


*indefinable noises from the distance*

Wait till you see - I’m going to upload it once it’s finished…

//We should make a collab someday! You could make the scribble aka sketch and I could line art and color it. ;)


adsagdaghdjklfalfsagalkdsdfahgdsafdsgahdasjkdlasfadsfdsksjdgfsaf - B-bubububuuut… I’m not good!


*stares intensely at the scribble*


*goes to find something sweet while the picture hopefully finishes itself*


*finished the raw scribble for Izaya, now doesn’t dare to continue - afraid of destroying the picture*

ask-gora-and-his-mistress sent:

(Hey there. I hope I'm not freaking you out, by sneaking up to your askbox, when I haven't been speaiking to you ever before. ^^' But I must say, I love your blog and the way you roleplay Izaya. :) I would love to RP with you, but I'm afraid, that my muses would bee a bit too much for yours... :/ But yeah your blog is awesome! :D )

[ ask-gora-and-his-mistress ]


Hey hey~ 

Nawww - why would I freak out? I like it when people talk to me, and without you ever sneaking into the askbox how would we ever talk?

Again a compliment that causes me to make weird noises of joy - I appreciate being told that what I do is not only crap… Arigatou ( *^^*)

As always when someone tells me that they would like to roleplay with me I went to your blog and checked out the rules and about the muse page. The picture of Gora was unexpected, I have to admit that *laughs*

Anyways - I’m open for roleplays even if I have more threads than I can handle. 

Yes Izaya is a really sensitive person - I wonder if and how they would get along with each other.

Generally it’s okay even if Izaya has to face rude characters - what I personally can’t handle is only when people ignore that he is different from the mainstream Izaya prototype.

outoflove: online

*trying to draw Izaya or Aoba*


Fucking done for today again.